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Pear Tree, no partridge yet.


October 28, 2011


Cherry Tree


Bud Forming January 23, 2012






Maple is a fascinating emerge to see.  Balancing the wing on end is just one of its charms.  A few pictures are on the Maple link.  You can grow your own Maples to see the other variations of emergence.

If you want Maple seeds with root, ready to plant now, get in touch.




Norway Maple on August 20, 2011


Hybrid Poplar (OP 367)







We Research How to:

 Germinate the Seed.

Original research on each seed type may show the conditions for germination.  After germination the tree must emerge.  Conditions for emergence are discovered by research too.

Grow the Tree Seedling, with Stem and Leaves

  • Tree seedling must grow fast.

Here is an Apricot Seed Extending the Root on September 23, 2011


Here is some of the research we are doing now:


Koelreuteria paniculata (Golden Rain Tree) beginning to germinate.  Notice the film covering the seed is breaking.  March 19, 2011.   Click here to see the steps in germination.


Gleditsia triacanthose enermis (Honey Locust) showing cracks in membrane.  March 10, 2011.


Picea Engelmanii (Engleman Spruce), showing respiration (bubbles) in about 15 hours of 3% H2O2;.  Seed coat opening and radical forming on March 10, 2011.  Click the picture for a video of this tree.


Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa), in the second day after imbibition, showing bubbles coming out of the seed, which was the first sign to Tree Grower that stratification for ponderosa is more like folklore than like science.  Click here for a video of germination.  Click here for the traditional way of germination.


Climate Change


 Get in touch with us for conversation about how to avoid the 15 diseases that kill the most people in USA, according to the CDCMichael Greger MD explains how to avoid these diseases and treat more than half of these diseases.  

Dr. Greger  also tells why we go to doctors and how to prevent these diseases.

 2014 Review


Range of Motion


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Ponderosa Seed Story (June 9)

Tree Planting



We germinate the tree seed, then grow the emerging seedling in root-trainers.  To help get started faster, we offer Michigan-grown trees, Idaho trees, and Montana trees for sale now.  All are adapted to Salmon, Idaho.  Trees that we start from seed will be available soon.  We do have Larch seedlings that we started from seed last year.

See our Products page for Michigan-Grown Trees available at Tree Grower  now.

Here are some trees we are starting now:


Fraxinus germinating (bubbles emitted)

Fraxinus Americana (White Ash) Emerging March 22, 2011.  Click on the picture to see an adult White Ash

White Ash extending radical, after germination on March 22, 2011. 

White Ash has germinated and is making the radical. The bubbles are emitted by the radical and may be carbon dioxide, from aerobic respiration.