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Occupy Salmon



               Occupy Salmon Forum:

a non-partisan event for people like you who are worried

about the vanishing American Dream.

Come share your concerns

Sunday, October 16

2-4 p.m.

Town Square Park in Salmon


Join forces with people across the country

to send a wake-up call to our elected officials!


A list of  concerns will be hand delivered to the offices of our

 Congressional representatives.




More Information of Occupy Salmon



Occupy Wall Street has come to Salmon. The Occupy Salmon Forum will meet Sunday, October 16, 1-4 pm, at Town Square Park (by the bridge). If you don’t know about this movement, it’s not surprising. The corporate media are largely ignoring this populist uprising, demanding that our democracy be returned to the people. Because of this you have to go to sites like the following to get the real story about this movement can be found at and at
We all know that right now our government is owned by the corporate elite. This grassroots movement to restore power to the people is arising all across the nation, as it is here in Salmon. It is perhaps our last best chance to take our power back. Numbers are the key to the success of this movement, and because the movement is so widespread, Congress is beginning to pay attention. If there ever was a time in your life to get involved in working for societal change, this is it.
The 99% of us who are disenfranchised and in thrall to the 1% know the system is broken and that government does not work for us.

Please join us on Sunday to share your story about how the system does not work for you and what direction you would like to see the country go.

Bring signs if you want and enjoy the freedom of expression we have left.


Let’s show them we’re here and we care about what they are doing to us.

Please forward this invitation to any others you can, and ask that they forward it to their networks, and so on.

Those of you who don’t live around Salmon and see this message can probably find an “Occupy” movement in your locale. If not, start one.



October 16, 2011