Changes Needed


Do you see the USA on a downward slope?     The slope is caused by the duopoly of the Democrat and Republican Parties. Do you know about the NDAA?     The NDAA gives the president the power to round up American citizens and detain them indefinitely, with none of the rights of the constitution, no habeas corpus and no right to trial.     Even though Crapo, Risch, and Simpson voted No on the NDAA, the bill passed and the president signed it.     We need to stop this imperial presidency.     If we continue to do nothing, our country will accelerate on this downward slope.The USA is flying drones over Pakistan, Iraq, and the USA.     These acts of war are not authorized by the congress, as the constitution stipulates.     The corrupting influence of money corrupts Republicans and Democrats. Both parties are choosing to cut SS and Medicare and increase the cost of education, when they should be holding Wall Street Banks accountable to pay their share.  Both parties caved into Wall Street. Both parties are marching in lockstep obedience to rich corporations.     We cannot just change the players.     We can create a community of people, across the political spectrum, and create the momentum for major change to the system.       We must build long-term strategies and movements for major change, not just winning on Election Day.     When will we the people draw the line?

Please look at     and call me at 208-756-7754, if you conclude that Rocky Anderson is the only presidential candidate, who in 2012 will represent people and will stop this world hegemony and the concentration of wealth in the 1%.     Our new community can work together to change the system.     Win or lose this presidential race, our community will get the word out, stop the injustice, get the corrupting influence of money out of our government, stop this economic disparity, and return our country to the constitution and to the rule of law.

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