How to select the right trees for your yard?


The selection of tree is pivotal in your yard’s decoration. The size, color, texture and lifetime are all the factors that must be considered while selecting a proper tree. Trees are the nature’s way of painting the canvas of mother Earth. The correct tree set gives a color to the yard that no other artificial mastery could give.

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Changes Needed


Do you see the USA on a downward slope?     The slope is caused by the duopoly of the Democrat and Republican Parties. Do you know about the NDAA?     The NDAA gives the president the power to round up American citizens and detain them indefinitely, with none of the rights of the constitution, no habeas corpus and no right to trial.     Even though Crapo, Risch, and Simpson voted No on the NDAA, the bill passed and the president signed it.     We need to stop this imperial presidency.     If we continue to do nothing, our country will accelerate on this downward slope. Continue reading “Changes Needed”